When you use our library, please make sure you exclude it from proguard.  



 If you don't want to edit the Ant script, you can add -keep options to proguard.cfg for the classes in those external jars. For instance:

-keep class com.flexicious.** { *; }

Or with a regular expression containing a negator:

-keep class !com.yournamespace.** { *; }


Once you do this, you might have issues with function callbacks like this :

2015-06-29 12:47:50,662 - [Crash_Report] : java.lang.RuntimeException: NoSuchMethodException.Method dataGridChangeColorFunction does not exist on com.yournamespace.yourfile is a list of methods found:

This is because proguard will rename methods on your class - but the XML configuration is still referring to those names. So you need to do the same thing with the configuration - that is add a keep configuration to the proguard script