It is with great excitement that we are announcing a new version of our Android DataGrid product. We have been hard at work over the past few weeks adding features, fixing bugs, and making changes to the product to fit your business requirements better.

 In this release, we have added three major features and a number of smaller enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements:

 Major features:

 1)     Added support for Row Drag and Drop / Reorder operations

2)     Added support for column drag and drop rearrangement

3)     Added support for column drag and resize

 Here is a full blog post that explains the usage of the first feature :

 For the other two features, they are quite straightforward to use, you don’t have to do anything, just get a new library version, and it will work! If you don’t want the columns to be draggable, just set draggable = false. If you don’t want them to be resizable, just set resizable = false.

 We are looking for feedback on this feature, so please feel free to chime in!

 In addition to the above, we have numerous other smaller enhancements/big fixes:

 1)     Enhancement: Added support for fontSize for all cells : The following properties were added : headerStyleName, footerStyleName, columnGroupStyleName

2)     Bug Fix:  In certain circumstances, cells were disappearing

3)     Enhancement: Added support for custom date picker dialog

4)     Enhancement: Added the itemLongClick event

5)     Enhancement: Added columnWidthMode=fixed

6)     Bug Fix: for multi picker, if everything  is selected, behave as if nothing is selected.

7)     Bug Fix: useLabelFunctionForFilterCompare was not working

8)     Bug Fix: LastWeek/ThisWeek/NextWeek date range was not calculating the right date.

9)     Enhancement: Support for custom Date ranges and border drawing mechanism. Custom Date Range Example added.

10) Bug Fix: Label Function 2 was ignored and footer formatter precision was being ignored.

11) Enhancement: Added filler section lines.

12) Bug Fix: Fix for page size checkbox not showing even if no paging enabled

13) Bug Fix: Fix for thickness of vertical and horizontal gridlines not working + fix for excludeFromSettings not working

14) Bug Fix: Fix for the background cells not using the border color assigned

15) Bug Fix: Fix for headerAlign not having an impact.

16) Enhancement: Added support for moving columns in settings popup. Fix bug with dynamic levels. Fix bug with expand collapse icon showing up where it should not.

17) Enhancement: Support for filter watermark and filter autocomplete

18) Enhancement: Added support for filter textinput icon and icon click filter clear.

19) Enhancement: Added support for Xamarin

20) Enhancement: Added resizeLisntenerPaused, support for cellTextColors (font), removed unused properties from FlexDataGrid, Added styleName,

 As you can see, we have been hard at work enhancing the product for your needs. Please feel free to reach out in case you need help evaluating the product!