It is with great pleasure and excitement that we are releasing the next version of our Android JetPack Android DataGrid product!

We have listened to your feature requests, worked hard on fixing bugs, improving performance, and creating tons of examples and documentation for you!

So, without further ado, presenting, Android JetPack Android DataGrid v2.0

Features & Enhancements:

-> Significantly improved, downloadable, indexed and searchable user guide. More Details here

-> Implemented the custom date range picker : More details and screenshot here

-> Added support for Custom Date Ranges : More details here

-> Added support for preference persistence, and added examples to the user guide to show how to persist the state of the grid.

-> Enhanced the TextInputFilter (Edit Text Filter) with AutoComplete, Icon Support, and Hint. More details here.

-> Added the new itemLongClick event, when the user long presses a cell, this event will be dispatched.

-> Added support for columnWidthMode fixed and fitToContent. If you set columnWidthMode="fitToContent", the grid will automatically determine the longest string to be displayed and size the column wide enough to fit that string.

-> The grid will draw its own borders now.

-> The Alternating item colors will contine to fill the grid if there is no data, so it does not show a blank area if the grid does not have enough data to fill up the entire height of the grid

-> Added support for the headerAlign property, to align header cells.


Bug Fixes:

-> In certain scenarios, when you scroll to the right and scroll back quickly, certain areas of the grid did not paint correctly

-> When you scroll left and right, the header text of some columns did not refresh (if the cells are recycled, they retained the previous cells value)

-> Date ComboBox Filter was not working

-> ComboBox filter in certain scenarios was filtering on the last chosen value.

-> In the Editable Grid samples, when the keyboard was dismissed, the grid was blank. 

-> For MultiSelectComboBox, selecting all items continued to run the filter, instead of behaving as if nothing was selected.

-> The flag useLabelFunctionForFilterCompare was being ignored.

-> Bug Fix in calculation of the Last,This and Next week date range values.

-> labelFunction2, and footerFormatterPrecision were not being executed

-> On the settings popup, the pageSize checkbox was shown even if enablePaging was set to false

-> Fix for thickness of vertical and horizontal gridlines not working + fix for excludeFromSettings not working

-> Fix bug with expand collapse icon showing up where it should not.

Performance Optmizations:

->  Enhanced performance of filtering operations

-> Optmizied vertical scrolling performance (please ensure you are not running in debug mode)


We are very excited with this new release, and are looking forward to your feedback. Good or bad, we want to hear it! We work very hard to make sure that our product meets your requirements, and we want to hear your opinions and your ideas on how we can improve!