The TextInput (EditText) filter is by far the most commonly used filter, and along with the MultiSelect filter, plays a very important role in making the user interface intuitive and easy to use. With the 2.0 release, we have made it all the more powerful!

Take a look at the following markup to declare the textinput filter:

            <column id="colId" dataField="id" headerText="ID"

filterWaterMark="Search" enableFilterAutoComplete="true" filterComboBoxBuildFromGrid="true" filterIcon="executeMethodOnDelegate__getImageResourceSearch" clearFilterOnIconClick="true"

                    columnLockMode="left" columnWidthMode="fitToContent"  textAlign="center"


                    filterControl="TextInput" filterOperation="BeginsWith" />

The underlined section of this configuration demonstrates a number of new features added to the textinput filter

-> The filterWaterMark will cause the TextInput to show a hint

-> The enableFilterAutoComplete flag will cause it to be auto complete enabled

-> The filterComboBoxBuildFromGrid will cause it to build the list of autocomplete values automatically from the grid data

-> The filterIcon will show the icon resoruce returned by the getImageResourceSearch method on your delegate within the TextInput Filter

-> The clearFilterOnIconClick will cause the textinput filter to clear when the icon is clicked!


Together, these enhancements make the textinput filter very versatile and powerful!

Take a look at the screenshot!